Tid Bit: Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan

Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan by Hiiragi Yutaka is a really cute and helpful manga about family and food. Sachi and Ayari are step sisters, who ‘re left to fend for themselves while their parents travel the world on their honeymoon. Awkward and unsure of how to be at first, these girls bond over different foods and grow closer as they work together in the kitchen. Sachi, the older sibling, doesn’t know anything about cooking, but is good at academics. Ayari, is great at cooking, but sucks when it comes to her studies, so these two help each other often and balance each other out well.


When reading this, you get the cute family story, notes from the author, and full recipes of what the characters are making at the end. You also get to know the characters, their struggles, and more about different foods as they make them.

This series isn’t a Yuri, and oddly enough classified as a Shonen manga. I’m not sure this is accurate, but it’s alright. It’s also got quite a bit of subtext, but it’s your cute typical Class S manga.

Yuri Manga List

Sorry I haven’t been here much lately, a lot has been happening.

This is currently my manga list:

  1. Yuri Natsu Kagaya Inn – Mochi Au Lait
  2. Magic of Stella – Kuroba
  3. Strawberry Fields Once Again – Kinosaki Kazura

I know this is a post about manga, but recently I just finished Shin Sekai Yori or From The New World. It was one of the most incredible anime’s I’ve seen in a very long time. Probably one of the best I’ve seen to date. It has a great story, and a lot of very intresting characters, a narration that doesn’t spoil the plot, and a fantastic use of time skips. It’s also a dark dystopian future story about telepathy, children, war, and sacrfice.

Please sit down and watch this anime.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I’ll be posting more soon. I won’t make promises I can’t keep though.

Until next time.


Update and Visual Novels

Finally back! So I was wondering if everyone’s okay? How are you?

Today I’m going to tell you about a couple yuri game titles. I recommend both of these. And both of them are visual novel type games where choices matter and there are multiple endings and stories.

  1. Flowers
  2. Kindred Spirits on the Roof.

Both great games that surpassed my expectations. I will say, I thought Flower was a easier than it actually was. I’ll be honest, I haven’t completed all of the endings. But there are multiple. So I’ve read as much. I did however completely finish Kindred Spirits on the Roof. That was fun. When you do play there multiple couples to keep up with and there are a ton of extra scenes. Also if you use steam, both game guides are there to use when you play.

The concept of visual novels is pretty new to me though. I mean I’d heard of them but never played. They’re are quite entertaining and worth the buy. The art is beautiful in both games. I especially love the composition of art and music in Flowers. As it turns out, Flowers is the first of four games which are out in Japan, but they haven’t yet translated everything yet for either. (Which makes me more motivated to hone my Japanese language skills. tee hee.) So the second flowers game is set for Q4 of 2017. Also, if you were wondering about extras for Kindred Spirits on the Roof, there’s a manga and a drama cd that you can get along with it.

Alright. This update is kind of rough and a little bit unplanned, but I honestly just need to get back into the habit of updating regularly. I’m also working on getting honing my art skills, and I’m working on a project. So you may or may not see and hear some of that.

Hope you’re doing well! Until next time ya’ll!


Tid Bit: Rakka Ryusui


Sanada Ikki’s manga Rakka Ryusui is a cool 4 koma conic about a kyuudo team. It starts out with a girl who just graduated middle school and got into the high school of her choice. She goes to the school after to check her exam scores and a bunch of clubs bombard her with invitations to join. Overwhelmed by all of this, she dives into some bushes to hide. When the coast is clear, she jumps out and her fate is sealed when she meets the handsome leader of the kyuudo club. It’s all downhill from here.

This manga revolves around the crazy antics of this Kyuudo club, which includes  our main character who is head over heels for the club leader, the clueless and handsome beauty in charge of the club, a countey bumpkin with amazing hunting instincts, and a teacher who’s more childlike than the students are.


Ikki’s writing for this manga is comedy gold. It’s almost guarunteed to hit your funny bone one way or another. It reads really quick and you’ll be laughing out loud without even realizing you’re doing it.

So please pick up this manga, read, and enjoy.


PS. Sorry for not updating. We didn’t have any power for a while due to irma and we just got it back. However I definitely plan to make up for lost time. Have a great night/day you guys! Thanks for reading and stopping by.

Tid Bit: Ouji-sama Nante Iranai


Ouji-Sama Nante Iranai by Harushion is currently an ongoing shoujo ai manga that takes place in an all girls high school called Douwa. Unfortunately, this school is divided between two groups. Botans, who are students from wealthy families, and Shak-yaku, students at school on scholarship or academics. These students are told from the start that they dislike each other. Enter our main character Yukino, a girl who decided to go to Douwa, but had to bust her butt to get in. On her first day, after finding herself in the garden area, she meets Nobara, also a first year.

Because of certain events that take place (I’m not going to spoil this story more than I already have), they become roommates. Thus shedding new light on all those people who solely believe that opposing forces have to dislike each other without reason.


This story is heartwarming, and it moves really quickly while you’re reading. I personally love the way these characters are built, and the relationships they have with each other and others. It reminds me of an incredibly tame play at romeo and juliet, and yet at the same time reminds me of some of my favorite classic Class S manga. Although they’re relationship hasn’t really developed in a romantic way, this pair is quite ship-able.

As of right now this manga is 50 chapters long, but it gets easy to get sucked in. It’s reads quickly and smoothly. I definitely recommend picking this up if you get the chance.



Shout out!


To everyone who’s prepping for the upcoming hurricane out here in FL, please be careful. Make sure that you’ve got everything you’re going to need. To those exiting the area, please be safe. There’s a lot of traffic on 75, and there’s a lot of crazy things happening. I wish you the best.


We’re hunkering down, and going to do the best we can. Everyone, the storm should hit Sunday. Please take care of yourselves. That’s what we’ll be doing here. Make sure you’ve got everything you need and make sure you watch the news. I don’t really know what else I can do. If you happen to stumble upon this page I’ll include all the information I have about evacuation and shelters.

To those of you affected by Harvey, my heart and prayers go out to you. I”ve definitely been chanting some sweet diamoku. So hopefully that reaches you. The same for everyone here.

Please stay positive. Don’t stress too much, keep calm, and do whatever it is that you do.

Here are some links:

How to board up your windows

Shelters: Lee High Acres, Bonita, and Fort Myers

Evacuation Zones for Fort Myers Area

More about evacuation zones

How to prep and what you can do while there’s still time

Ps. I appologize for not posting about this earlier. It’s just, we’ve been prepping as much as we can in our area as well. Do the best that you can where you are, and have a plan.

Be safe wherever you are in the world.

Have a good day.

PPS: Even if you’re not of these doctrines, please send some good vibes this way. Thank you!

Tid Bit: Everyday Lily


Everyday Lily is a GL webcomic by Goma Mali published in Lehzin August 3, 2016. It’s quirky love story between two girls in college. One is a real lesbian, while the other’s only lesbian experience was in comics. Their personalities are opposite, the realist versus that idealist. They get together one day when the realist accidently comes out to idealist.  But that’s part of what makes their relationship so unique. We also have their cast of friends. One couple have been together since they were really little and are alway bickering, a straight person whose constantly having boy troubles, and a nurse who is forever alone.


Check this out.


Do you dere?

So if you’re here reading my page, than you know that we all have this one thing in common. We watch anime at some point. And being that you’re here, you may or may not be a Hime-danshi or Hime Joshi. Within anime there are different stereotypes and tropes just like any other genre.

Here we’re going to talk about four classic stereo types of modern anime.


When you break it down, Tsundere derives from two japanese phrases. Tsun coming from tsun tsun, meaning to turn away in disgust and dere dere, meaning to be lovestruck.  I kind of feel like the best way to describe this is like a hard candy. Hard on the outside soft on the inside. They’re a strong person or tough person, but when they’re around the person they like they become softer. But would absolutely never admit it.



Ayano Sugiura – Yuru Yuri


This is that calm cool collected person, serious and in charge, never panics, for the most part is emotionless. This person fears showing any weakness. Typically they’re monotone. When you break down this type, Kuu derrives from the english word cool. And we already learned what dere meant.


Sakaki – Azumanga Diaoh


The dan in dandere comes from the term danmari, which means silent. Or they just don’t talk out of fear of saying the wrong things. In turn, they want to be social but are quite embarassed to do so. Once they are able to make friends they’re quite happy characters that warm up to you.


Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star


This is the most dangerous trope of them all. The first part of the word Yandere derrives from the word Yanderu, meaning to be sick. These characters are mentally sick. Love sick. The thing about Yandere is that appear to be normal on the outside, but on the inside they’re crazy. Especially when it comes to the person they like/love.

Typically there are two types.

  1. Obsessive Yandere: Wants to kill anyone that stands in the way of their love.
  2. Possessive Yandere: Kills anyone that crosses the line.


Akane Hiyama- Love Tyrant

So now that we know four different genre’s of dere, which one are you? Leave a comment down below.

I would consider myself a Tsundere, but it’s not that I like you or anything…


Quicky: Sweet Little Devil


Sweet Little Devil is an adult series by Nanzaki Iku, that was publshed in Yuri Hime Wild Rose in 2011. The story revolves around childhood friends Sayo and Ritsuko who are two years apart in their high school. Ristuko is a 3rd year getting ready to take her college entrance exams, and Sayo is a first year whose quite outspoken. These two were separated at the end of elementary school, because Ritsuko’s family moved, and they saw each other again when they started high school. Then they became a thing. And here we are. Their story.



It’s got it’s funny cute quips. And it’s got it’s awkard moments. There’s more spice than sweetness to this manga though so be ready for it. I don’t recommend reading this at work because of it’s explicit scenes.


So check it out.

Tid Bit: Between Summer and Fall


Between Summer and Fall is a cute story about friendship and love. It begins with the main characters meeting as kids. Ga-eul, the first main character, is named after the fall season is head over heels for Yuh-Reum, a girl that’s lively like summer. We watch as they mature into who they are, figure out what they feel, realize what they’re doing with their life, their world, and each other.

It’s not completely translated yet, or at least not to my knowledge. So if you know Korean, definitely read on! If not, read and wait until it’s updated. The characters are quite likeable. It’s funny, because they reflect their respective seasons in their behaviors. Which is quite entertaining. There are situations they get into that are little cut and dry. But they still deal with them in an interesting way. If you’re looking for a quick read this is it. But it’s a sweet one none-the-less.

So, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Web Manga Reading List


I don’t know about you guys, but I feel as though I’ve been burning through manga like crazy. Which makes me happy because I like knowing that there’s so much material. Lately I’ve been reading more web manga than traditional manga. So I thought I’d post my list of what’s next, all of it is shoujo ai of course.

  1. The Chain of Youth by Dead Sea
  2. Nekomusume Shoukogun by Nekotarou
  3. Between Summer and Fall by Lung Si
  4. Everyday Lily by Gom Mali
  5. Sunshine & Bright Stars by noftB

Now my question to you is what’s on your reading list? I read manga fairly quickly. Does it take you guys a long time to read manga? I’d love to hear from you.